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Things to Do at Santa Monica Pier

May 26, 2011

Memorial Day is just a hop, skip and jump in the seashore away!

To honor our American Troops this Memorial Day weekend, we recommend a relaxing trip to Santa Monica Pier.

Just West of Ocean Avenue, this classic California landmark has dazzled the Pacific Coast for over 100 years.

Fun facts:

  • Scenes from The Hannah Montana Movie were filmed here.
  • Many fisherman flock to the end of the pier in hopes to catch the big one.
  • Locals and tourists alike bike along the bicycle path that runs along the pier.
  • The carousel was made in 1922 and has 44 hand-carved horses.
  • ‘Hot Dog on a Stick’, a yummy fast food company originated in Santa Monica, on Muscle Beach. Their corn dogs and lemonade are a Santa Monica tradition.

Make sure to celebrate Hot Dog on a Stick’s 60th Anniversary when you visit!

Pssst! Their Funnel Cake Sticks will change your life.

Want to book a tour to Santa Monica Pier? Click here to check out our open top, double decker bus tour to the sunny California beaches.

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